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All writing contains memoir and of course the more you strive to hide it inside of fictional constructs, the more apparent it often becomes. Writers are like shoppers. We go through life putting things in the basket. How jasmine smells in the rain, how a lover’s face looks upon us when we first awake, what a child’s hand feels like in ours, how humans part from each other and how pain feels. We notate the odd philosophies we hear, remember the phrases that identify people from this or that sphere of life and connect the stray dots with fanciful lines we make from all the things in the basket. Unless we’re writing science fiction or fantasy, we’re not making up anything new, we’re just ordering it all differently for you. We can’t do anything else. What most writers do, I presume, is to take bits and pieces of the reality they’ve lived and seen and read about and observed in others and weave a new set of circumstances around it.

Catherine Jamieson

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