Seeing Anew

This afternoon I was seated on my plush green sofa, laptop on my lap (of course), my fingers moving rapidly over the keys while thoughts flowed through their tips. The sun came out today — gloriously, robustly, cheerily — and as I wrote, it streamed through my living room window. From the corner of my eye I saw one of my cats, Sophie, leap suddenly. Now and then she will spaz out and chase things I don’t see. It never fails to make me smile, and often her antics make me laugh. I turned my head to watch her and followed her gaze. The sunlight was refracting through my engagement ring; as my hand moved, little spots of white and rainbow light moved strobe-like across the ceiling. So I paused in my writing and played “catch the sun spot” with Sophie for awhile. She got her exercise, and I my amusement.

What caught your attention today?

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