Cotton Club

When I am sick, my head feels as though it is jammed full of cotton — tight but soft inside. My thoughts ooze and slosh around. Every now and then I shake the earth with a sneeze — I never learned to explode daintily — and attempt to return my head to normalcy… at least , as normal as it can be in this condition.

I’m not complaining, though. My job is going well. I’m gaining skill and finesse as I deal with students and staff. The sun shines more often, and my brand-new Mac Powerbook accompanies me faithfully throughout the day. What more could a junior geek want?

I’m stunned that tomorrow is February 1. Already! I wanted to do something to observe Imbolc on the 2nd, but I also have a full schedule that day (work until 8 p.m.), and so I’m uncertain as to what I might do. Until my head feels less like a pressure cooker, I’ll let this question be.

Ready for month two? I am.

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