Not Sure Whether To Be Discouraged Or Amused

Apparently this is a rapidly growing problem. Although it doesn’t actually put one at risk of death, such behavior can imperil a person in other ways.

Drunk dialing has grown so rampant now that, just as abuses of cellphones prompted a new code of ethics for public conversations and new laws for road travel, it has elicited various tips and cures. A Web site called offers a phone number that people can call to leave their drunk-dialed message, which is recorded and placed on the Web for everyone’s listening pleasure.

–Carol Lee, The New Social Etiquette: Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk, The New York Times

I suppose this is preferable to calling one’s boss at 3 a.m. to tell her what you think of her management style, but really, wouldn’t not over-imbibing be a better solution?

Humans. [shakes head]

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