Some Things Blogging Does

Euan from The Obvious? provided a peek into a post that asks the question, “What happens when you replace the word blogging with thinking?”

Many bloggers (me included) have raved in our blogs how the simple act of writing a blog does great things to your life and your mind. ThereÂ’s also some big criticisms of blogging being aired in various places too. I’d like to talk about 6 benefits of blogging here and present some counters to the arguments that surround those benefits.

  • Blogging helps you to notice what you are noticing in the world and leads you to question why that is.
  • Blogging tests your commitment to what you believe your passions are.
  • Blogging expands your own and other people’s minds and ultimately contributes to the learning and development of society.
  • Blogging removes boundaries and traditional sources of power and introduces a new currency: your thoughts.
  • Blogging is about thinking, not necessarily journalism.
  • Blogs are the chaff not the wheat. What you post in your blog isn’t necessarily the most important thing, itÂ’s that you’ve done some thinking.

–Claire Chaundy, Organised Chaos

A further discussion of each point can be found at Claire’s blog by clicking on the link. Great stuff to ponder.

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