Beaming and Scrolling

I am so proud of and pleased for my Other Half. Last year he released a beta version of software designed to enable Apple laptop users to use the trackpad as a “scrollpad.” After extensive testing, he released it this morning as shareware. Apparently he has many happy customers, because orders keep rolling in.

He was also just featured in the Mac Gems Weblog at Macworld. The review was complimentary and awarded a score of 4.5 mice out of 5. An excerpt from the review:

Earlier today, Raging Menace officially released SideTrack 1.0. The first non-beta version of this excellent utility is reasonably priced ($15) and supports the following trackpad features:

  • Using the left or right edge of the trackpad for scrolling up/down.
  • Using the top or bottom edge of the trackpad for scrolling left/right.
  • Using the trackpad button as a standard mouse click or a control/right-click.
  • Mapping a “tap” on the trackpad as a standard mouse click, a click-drag, or a control/right-click.
  • Mapping the corners of the trackpad to either particular mouse buttons or keyboard shortcuts—tap the corner to execute the action.
  • The standard trackpad preferences: tracking speed, double-click speed, etc.
  • Impressive trackpad calibration and input “filtering” options that help prevent accidental actions.

    –Dan Frakes, Mac Gems Weblog

I use it and find it immensely helpful. The one time my beta version expired, I felt lost and hindered; I reflexively tried to scroll and didn’t have the capability anymore (until I downloaded the new version). If you’re a Mac laptop user and are interested in this nifty little product, visit Raging Menace and click on the link for Side Track 1.0. Happy scrolling!

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