The Abatement

Postings have waned since I started working last month. The job drastically reduces my time to read and cull material to quote here, as well as limits the time and energy for reflection, writing, and polishing original posts.

In addition, I am in the process of laying the foundation for my life coach practice. I’ve been reviewing the website and tweaking the content. I also need to create a structure for telecoaching. This is all time-intensive. I’m looking forward to this, though. I believe I’m where I need to be at this moment, and the clients who need me will find me.

I’ve also begun providing grief counseling to a client at The Centre for Living with Dying. This is intense work that stirs my insides into awareness and compassion, makes me a bit more reflective about life. I love this work. I think that this, counterbalanced by the coaching, will make a good blend of projects for me. Throw in continued hours at the bookstore, and it’s a happy situation.

In the meantime, there are holidays coming, which I like to celebrate, and I am preparing get married shortly after the new year. It’s a small wedding — an elopement to a romantic place and then a trip down the coast — but even so, there are some logistics involved.

So time is a factor. Bear with me, please. Hopefully I’ll develop a rhythm that includes regular posting.

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