Because We Need A Blessing

I found this in a book on texts to use for a wedding, and it brought tears to my eyes. It captured and distilled my own experience. I may use it in my own upcoming wedding.

A Prayer For a Wedding
because everyone knows exactly what’s good for another
because very few see
because a man and a woman may just possibly look at each other
because in the insanity of human relationships there still
    may come a time we say: yes, yes
because a man or a woman can do anything he or she pleases
because you can reach any point in your life saying: now, I want
because eventually it occurs we want each other, we want
    to know each other, even stupidly, even uglily
because there is at best a simple need in two people to try
    and reach some simple ground
because that simple ground is not so simple
because we are human beings gathered together whether
    we like it or not
because we are human beings reaching out to touch
because sometimes we grow
    we ask a blessing on this marriage
    we ask that some simplicity be allowed
    we ask their happiness
    we ask that this couple be known for what it is,
    and that the light shine upon it
    we ask a blessing for their marriage
–Joel Oppenheimer
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