Ramadan, Food, and Body Love

I came to Egypt and all the restrictions and carefully plotted exercise routines flew out the window. It’s impossible to avoid this food and stock up on that and do 15 minutes of cross training before your stint on the treadmill in Egypt. There are no nutrition labels. The only thing carb-free is the malnourished kid on your doorstep.

–Willow, Life as a Dervish

Willow’s post is a sweet meditation on body love and food, and her experience of Ramadan in helping her become more conscious of the relationship between the two. Another passage of hers that hit a chord:

It’s not part of the Shaheda—the oath one takes when one becomes a Muslim—but implicit in the boundaries of the religion is the following: you shall not, under any circumstances, knowingly fuck up your body ever again. Not through drinking or drugs or sex with someone who doesn’t love you. Bizarrely, this is perhaps the hardest aspect of the religion to follow…we don’t realize how used we are to letting our heads run the rest of us, or how hard it is to break free of that particular kind of bondage. The soul, I’ve discovered, is much more closely connected to the body than to the mind, despite what we commonly think. In tandem, they help each other, and the gentle pressure from each to each makes it possible, ever so slowly, to pry oneself free from one’s maladies.

Bless you, Willow, for reminding me.

[via Siona]

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