A Memo From Jen

Jen explains some ground rules about life in Boston. Apparently many residents need to develop better time management and social skills.

If you do not meet the criteria in #1, I might let you cut in front of me anyway, but only if you were the next person behind me to begin with, and only if you ask me politely. If there are other people behind me, don’t wander up out of the blue and think that I’m going to inconvenience myself and the 15 bazillion people behind me just because you have an inability to manage your time wisely. As for asking politely, this involves the word ‘please’ and either the phrase ‘may I’ or ‘would you mind if’. Telling me you need to get in line in front of me is not the same as asking politely. Pretend you’re on Jeopardy!, and phrase your response in the form of a question. I’ll take ‘Idiots with entitlement complexes’ for $500, Alex.

Read all of her advice here. She gave me a chuckle.

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