Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I’m taking another excursion into San Francisco tomorrow to meld minds with Tish. Like a little kid, I’m all excited as I anticipate the train ride up there. I’ve always enjoyed train rides.

This evening I went to a question and answer meeting at The Centre for Living With Dying, where I believe I have found my next spiritual home. Everything resonated deeply, from the soul of the building (an old, old house) to the phrases people used to express what led them to the Centre. Words such as compassion, transformation, sacred space, healing, home, passion, love, and courage were mentioned repeatedly. Also spoken of was the volunteers’ healing experience of being listened to and heard. To listen well, to be fully present with another person, to bear witness to and withstand someone’s emotions without trying to fix the problems — this is a rare occurrence in a world that suffers for a touch of compassion. I’m looking forward to working there.

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2 Comments on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow”

  1. Siona Says:

    I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit. And I don’t think I’m speaking only for myself when I say that I’m looking forward just as much to your becoming a part of that place.

    Enjoy tomorrow!

  2. Chad Says:

    So I take it then that tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow) is not creeping in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time?