Another Reformation?

Dave, author of MacRaven, clarifies his position first iterated in this post. Since I posted an excerpt that generated some discussion, I wanted to provide follow-up.

What I didn’t mean to imply was that Islam should be banned or immigration restricted on the basis of religion. We can’t ride this thing out by becoming like our enemies, and if we do, they will have won the battle.

Nor did I mean to imply that the Koran was in any way different from the Bible. In my mind, those books are simply two sides of the same coin, and for every instance of divinely commanded terror in the former, I can find one in the latter to match it (see Numbers 31).

My point was that Christians today do not routinely demand adherence to the laws of Moses: but many, if not most, Muslims would happily accept, and some demand, the imposition of Sharia law on civil society.

I posited my belief that this is because Islam has not undergone a process of religious reformation, and as such, still has an almost medieval attitude towards civil political discourse: it is infused with religion to the point where the two are almost inseperable.

Please read his post for the full discussion, as he expands on this and provides links.

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