One Woman’s Extraordinary Mission

There’s been some discussion on a recent post regarding Islam and culture. My inbox just received an op/ed article that I found so compelling that I am posting here in its entirety. I suppose it will add more fuel to the fire, but I lit it, so I may as well tend to it responsibly.

So although I did not find Osama, I did encounter a much more ubiquitous form of evil and terror: a culture, stretching across about half the globe, that chews up women and spits them out.

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One Comment on “One Woman’s Extraordinary Mission”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    And my question is……if the majority of Muslims are such peaceful people, why are they wholly silent on the subject of their extremist and violent factions?

    The ONLY time I’ve seen the Islamic press speak out was after the Russian school incident, which proved to me more than even they could tolerate. Peaceful muslims must speak up and speak up loudly, or not be surprised when the whole of Islam gets a black eye.

    NOTE TO ISLAM- You’re kid is running with scissors and is beheading and raining violence on the other kids. If you don’t do something about his behavior, the school will.