Because I Live With and Love One

From the The Geek Handbook:

1.4.3 Your Geek Spouse or Lover

Although the geek relationship does pose challenges in formation and in practice, it can be a very rewarding one for both parties. Geeks are loving and supportive partners, they can fix things, and they rarely stray. They love children and often share their interests. Watch your geek at the next family gathering: he’ll head straight for the play room, especially if there are Legos involved. Geeks are open to interfaith marriages and generally won’t rule you out for using a PC instead of a Mac or vice versa.

Known Bugs: Your friends may be taken aback initially. If fashion is important for you, think long and hard about dating a geek. Some mullets are a badge of honor. Geeks have been known to date nongeeks for less than honorable reasons: a nongeek lover can provide many excuses for equipment purchases (“to get you up to speed”) and are easily technically snowed.

Tip: You have to realize that the computer will be a vital presence in your relationship without allowing it to become threat or a rival. Keep your Geek Handbook near, and learn to tune out your friends.

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One Comment on “Because I Live With and Love One”

  1. Liz Ditz Says:

    welcome to California. Eventually I’ll get to a meetup. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely weather from now until about November.