Groovy, Dude

A bit of fun via Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator, based on this blog’s contents.

A poem and injuries. I have
extreme eating disorders. And
burn trip treats, sedatives,
litter pan liners,
etc. Oh, and abundant
seasons. One attends graduate school to
serve others to Spirituality &
Religion | Technology Recreation Currently Reading
a fascinating article
on means
an indication
otherwise, only son.

This reminds me of the “Ask Liza” computer experiment. A computer scientist developed a program called Liza, which was supposed to demonstrate how a computer could respond to human problems (I think it was meant to poke fun at psychotherapy). Liza’s standard, one-size-fits-all response to whatever was typed: “And how do you feel about that?” Randomly generated poetry is fun, but it’s also akin to the idea that if you put a monkey in front of a keyboard for a long enough time, he’s bound to create output that appears sensible (to a point) by chance.

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