Cut the Deck

Something I’ve recently begun to do is a little bit of yoga. Not classes, not in a big-time way. I’ve got the The Yoga Deck: 50 Poses & Meditations, which I have found easy to use. I’ve got a few favorites that are easy to do and relieve a lot of tension. There are also breath and meditation cards.

Another deck I use very frequently (all of it nearly every night) is The Stretch Deck. I’ve noticed a significant increase in my coordination and flexibility as a result.

Here is an article that explains the benefits of stretching and various methods. Stretching:

  • reduces the risk of joint sprain or muscle strain
  • can reduce back pain
  • can reduce general muscle soreness from exercise
  • can reduce muscle tension (This makes you feel better both at work and at rest.)
  • can enhance mental and physical relaxation
  • may even improve athletic performance

Remember, never force a stretch to the point of pain, and don’t bounce. Move in a slow, controlled manner. Be gentle with yourself, and your body will respond favorably.

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One Comment on “Cut the Deck”

  1. tinne Says:

    I love the ‘deck’ format. I have some yoga cards that came with Detox in a Box and Affirmation cards that came with Wayne Dyer’s new book. Both are so handy to use. Two more things to add to my Amazon wish list…