Creativity Catalysts

The other day I met with a friend for tea, and discussion meandered to the topics personal growth and journaling. She hadn’t journaled in a long time and wanted to start again. We tossed around ideas about how to creatively tap into and inspire ourselves in places we feel stuck. I mentioned to her a book I owned, that I’ve just discovered is also online. The author is Lucia Capacchione; she has written The Creative Journal as well as The Power of Your Other Hand, among many other books.

I told my friend I’d search online for links related to this; I’ve just emailed the following to her:

I also suggested a collage party, or a “bad art” party. I said it would be neat to get her and a few other friends together to play. She liked that idea. I’ve thought about this many many times, but haven’t acted on it yet. And now I’m moving into a space that may be too small to accommodate my need. I didn’t start making visual art until two-and-a-half years ago, and while it’s important to me, it’s not as though I’m cutting off something that has sustained me for a long time. Writing, on the other hand, has done that. Take away my computer, paper, pen, and words, and I’m done for.

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2 Comments on “Creativity Catalysts”

  1. Siona Says:

    My parents starting hosting Bad Art Parties after I left for college, and I was able to enjoy participating on those few nights I was home during vacations. The dining room table would be strewn with crayons, glue, feathers, magazines, paint, paper, and a giggling sense of reckless enthusiasm, and everyone regressed at least a few decades. Sometimes people created marvelous projects, sometimes not, but the hours were always well-spent.

    Bad Art Parties are fantastic. I hadn’t thought about them in years . . . thank you for the reminder.

    Also, I’ve found Julia Cameron’s work (although I hate to admit to such adoration for such a popularized writer) about journaling and creativity to be absolutely wonderful.

  2. tinne Says:

    Thanks for the links. I was just reviewing my Amazon wish list and there are several journalling books there. I put them there 4 years ago. I am drawn to them again. I want to have a doll making party based on the book Making Creative Cloth Dolls by Marthe Le Van. I hope I actually do it.