Faith & Emotional Mediocrity

Awhile back on NOW with Bill Moyers I saw an interview with William Sloane Coffin. I’d not heard of him before, but I was taken by the passion and candor with which he spoke. There were three statements that particularly stayed with me. I made a note of them and have just come across it again.

Faith is being seized by love.

Faith is not belief without proof, but is trust without reservation.

But no, chirping optimism is terrible. But if you and a lot of people think, “I’ll never feel too good about anything so I won’t have to feel too bad about anything either.” And they think that emotional mediocrity is the good life. No. We should be able to plumb the depths of sadness and rise to the heights of joy, even ecstasy, though at my age, it’s not too easy.

–William Sloane Coffin

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