California Here I Come

The last four days were packed with intensity as we searched for housing that was a) large enough to accommodate some of our possessions (we’re already paring drastically) and b) a rent that we could afford. We were very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and lucked into a cute little house. It’s smaller than our current house (which is also smaller than most, not quite 1500 square feet). It has lots of nice touches, and I think I’ll like it there. The exact date of our move remains unknown until we have a chance to consult with the mover.

I do believe I’m going to like life in the bay area. (Is that considered a proper noun? Should I write Bay Area?) The climate — physically and culturally — feels right. On our last full day, we drove up to San Francisco and then to Muir Woods. You can see a couple of photos below. It was very foggy, so I didn’t actually see the Pacific or the headlands. Soon enough, though, they’ll be within easy reach.

golden gate

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco / ©2004 Kathryn Petro
muir woods, ca

Muir Woods, northern CA / ©2004 Kathryn Petro
mountain lion warning

Wildlife Warning, Muir Woods, northern CA / ©2004 Kathryn Petro
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