Decisions, Decisions

For the past six months my life has been in flux. My boyfriend/life partner has been looking for another job; it’s been slow locally, so we agreed to expand the search. In the past few weeks he was tapped to interview for a company that would be a once-in-a-lifetime offer for someone in his field (geekdom), and today an offer was tendered.

It excites me to see something happening. The wait has been draining. My practice has been on hold for several months. We may not accept the offer; there is much to discuss, since this would be a huge move to an expensive state — California.

The downside to moving will be losing my practice and my ability to have a license, since California does not yet have licensure for professional counselors. To attain the only license they have — Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist — will require returning to school, completing a 3000 hour internship (again), and taking and oral and written exam. This is reinventing the wheel, since I’ve done this already. Such a move will require new ways to conceive what I do and call myself professionally. It’s not impossible, but it calls for fresh thinking. In addition, I will miss my clients. I love them; they amaze me, and I am gratified to be of assistance. Goodbyes are difficult, but I recognize life is transition.

The other disadvantage to moving is that it necessitates leaving a handful of very close friends and family. It took about five years to happen across the close friends I have, and I love them dearly. I will miss them. And making friends — truly compatible ones — does not happen instantly.

In any case, this is what’s been simmering for awhile, which is why in part I’ve taken breaks from blogging and slowed the pace of posting.

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