Poof Positive

Here’s a brain snack from MacRaven, written by my buddy Dave Haxton. He often makes interesting points.

This is the ultimate statement of faith: ‘God said it, I beleive it, that settles it.’ The complete and utter refusal to believe the evidence of your own mind or eyes against the ramblings of an ancient (or, in some cases, modern) ‘revelation’. Every argument, debate or disagreement between anyone who holds to reason and someone who holds to faith will ultimately end up at the ‘Poof Point’.

Heathens don’t have much use for the Poof Factor: one of the defining characteristics of any polytheistic faith is the acceptance of other, alternate world views as equally valid and ‘true’ (small ‘T’). We recognize that our sacred texts are not ‘revelations’, but rather myths, designed to explain the natural world and our relationship to it in a context that can be easily understood. Lacking the ‘One True Way’, and without the absolute commandments of the Powers That Be, we tend to be a tolerant and discerning folk, given to questioning and testing our path.

Unfortunately, there are very few of “us” (tolerant heathens or atheists) and a whole lot of “them” (loony fundies of every stripe). The consequences of this demographic imbalance loom large in many areas.

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