Denny’s entry today offers a gorgeous close-up of gardenia blossoms. They look velvety and creamy. I can almost feel their texture on my skin. And the scent! Imagine lying on a bed of petals, with a blanket of them covering you in a soft drift. I would savor the caress of such a gift.

I have always thought that if I were to be reincarnated as a non-animal, I would like to be a cloud (or clouds). I am fascinated by them, gazing intently out the window whenever I take a plane. Some are mountain ranges while others are expansive beaches of mist. From above they look substantial, three-dimensional, though this is an illusion my eyes seduce my brain into thinking. Clouds are air, everywhere and nowhere, embodying nothing yet holding everything. To me, clouds are a manifestation of divine touch. They permeate, dissipate, cast shadows, reflect light, and are constantly transforming. The photo of gardenias brought them to mind.

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