An Instance When Waffling Is Good

Lately I haven’t written much, because, well, my personal life has been a bit crappy of late, and I’m distracted. Therefore, I am deeply, sincerely grateful when I read posts by people like Chip on the small joys of life.

The Waffle House is great. First off, they specialize in waffles. I mean waffles, man. How freaking cool is that?

I love everything about the place, from the food on the menu to the unpretentious atmosphere. When you go to an IHOP or Denny’s, you get a feeling that the menu was designed by a marketing agency and subject to rigorous focus group evaluation. At the Waffle House, it’s like some crazy guy sat down and thought, “What other weird shit can we mix in with them hash browns?”

The bizarrely complicated menu is a graphic designer’s slow-motion trainwreck accident. This is a restaurant that caters primarily to bleary-eyed travelers and tipsy late night partiers. You know, people with malfunctioning higher-level brain functions. The Waffle House makes them sort through a menu more complex than any I’ve seen. It’s cruel, and I like that.

The whole post made me smile. Thanks, man.

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2 Comments on “An Instance When Waffling Is Good”

  1. Lorianne Says:

    Hmmmmm….waffles! I *love* the Waffle House, and of course we don’t have them here in New England (sniff!) Whenever we take a roadtrip out west or down south, we visit Waffle Houses (and Krispy Kremes) religiously. Can you say, “massive roadtrip weight gain”? 😉

  2. julie Says:

    I too love The Waffle House and was very excited to see they have built a new one in Austin on 71 out toward the airport. I often have complained they have not had any in Austin and thought this one was a first, but a long time Austinite told me the other night there is on at 35 and Oltorff? Anyway-liked the post and like Pecans in my waffles. boy am i glad i just had pancakes for dinner of i would want one now!!