A Day Brightener

I so enjoyed this vignette from Witt Bits:

On another note, I have this loyalty to my breakfast cereal. I find one brand, one flavor, decide I like it, and eat nothing but that cereal for breakfast for months… sometimes years. My morning choice since I joined Weight Watchers 3 years ago has been Kashi Good Friends. Last week I decided I was ready for a change. I purchased a package of Nature’s Path Organic Optimum Zen Cereal, Cranberry Ginger “for inner harmony.” I can do ZEN. After all I’m taking yoga lessons once a week so Zen would be good. This morning I was ready for the Zen experience. I opened the cardboard, flip tab. Reached in to open the inner plastic bag. Pulled, tugged and struggled for a good five minutes. No luck. This was not a Zen moment. Then I saw the inside flap with the little picture of Scissors cutting off the corner of a bag. I got my glasses out. “Airtight bags for freshness…cut bag.” Now to find the scissors. Let’s just say by the time I found the scissors it was not a Zen breakfast and my innards have not harmonized.

Thanks for the laugh, m’dear! I too have struggled with the Nature’s Path supersealed bag. Only mine is the Optimum cereal with blueberries, and it didn’t promise a transcendent experience.

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