I was discussing the concept of insight over coffee with a friend, and a metaphor came to mind. I was so tickled by it that I feel compelled to share my wisdom [*koff*] with you all.

Do you know what a stereogram is? It’s a two-dimensional image that, when viewed properly, reveals a three-dimensional image within it. The trick to experiencing that transformation is to have enough distance from the image and to relax your gaze. Then it seems to pop right out. It can be very soothing as well as fascinating to rest your gaze within the picture.

Well, that’s what insight is, for me. If you look too closely at a situation, poring over minutiae, and if you stare too hard, you won’t see it. Just relax. Step back from your thoughts. After awhile, insight emerges; it feels a bit magical. And you find yourself thinking, “Wow! I see it! Wonder why I didn’t before?”

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2 Comments on “Insight”

  1. Shirl Says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Denny Says:

    I love that metaphor.