Birthing the Crone

From Helen Redman’s introduction to her series of paintings called Birthing the Crone:

This presentation is about bringing to life my Wise Woman Crone, birthing it, so to speak, through my art. Today, those of us who choose to name ourselves CRONES do so to raise consciousness around issues of aging. Paradoxically, as we enter a new century, the ancient Crone archetype is emerging within women all over the world. We are beginning to realize that this third and crowning stage of female life (the one our culture throws away) is more authentic, creative, outrageous, powerful, funny, healing and profound than we ever imagined.

The series presents strong images integrating the cycle of life and death as experienced by women. Moreover, it celebrates the process of aging.

Redman is a widely exhibited painter, as well as a teacher, feminist commentator, and grandmother who has worked for four decades to illuminate the process of life. She also served as the president of The Women’s Caucus for Art in San Diego.

[via Dreaming Witch]

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One Comment on “Birthing the Crone”

  1. Denny Says:

    THAT was interesting. Art doesn’t usually enrich me in such a keen, substantial way. Maybe because I’ll be 60 in a few months, and I feel like I’m becoming the male equivalent of a crone–a good thing. Reality keeps my edge sharp by reassuring me that I’m living on borrowed time.