Childless By Choice

They don’t want to have children, they don’t want to be bothered by children, and they’d just as soon not live near children. It’s the child-free movement, and it’s growing: Boston Globe: No Kids, Please

It’s already starting. The rise of the child-free, that is. They may put on a sorry face, networking through the Internet, bellyaching that they’re the minority, rolling their eyes at the first mention of diaper rash. But in communities increasingly short on resources, the no-kid crowd is being shown the welcome mat. “In general, people like kids, but they don’t like the infrastructure associated with them,” says Edward J. Blakely, professor of urban policy at New School University in New York and author of the book Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States. “People see children as a burden,” Blakely says. “It’s OK for them to be nice, squeezeable, huggable, and so forth, but it’s not so OK for them to take up space, time, and money. And when you look at these numbers — what is it, $40 million, $50 million for a school? — this is mind-boggling to people.”

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3 Comments on “Childless By Choice”

  1. Denny Says:

    A movement! I’ve been married to two women who did not want children. It was a personal decision, one that seemed reasonable to me. I just assumed that many women made this choice.

  2. mea Says:

    perhaps it is my current occupation which is mother to four children, but i am appalled to be refered to as a “breeder”.

    these people were all children at one point. childhood is a natural part of life and it scares me, really, to hear people sound so prejudiced and discriminatory toward children..perhaps a denial of childhood itself?

    at the same time, i am happy for those who chose a child-free existence if this is what makes them happy and fulfilled in life. the worst kind of parent is one who doesn’t want to be a parent, but resigns themselves to the existence for whatever reasons.

  3. Raspil Says:

    You’re right Mea, the worst kind of parent is one who doesn’t want to be one but is resigned to it. But try to tell that to someone who isn’t as understanding — they start to tell you that you’re crazy or in denial of wanting kids or, my personal favorite: “you’ll change your mind.” I am 29. I have never wanted kids. Ever. I am instantly uncomfortable around them, I feel like when one is around, I have just stepped into a den of tarantulas.

    heteros, childless or not, are usually referred to as breeders.

    as for the selfishness thing mentioned in the article, that is always good for a laugh, too. what is more selfish than saying “I want”? Nothing pops to mind. But “I want kids” is normal and “I don’t want kids” is selfish. I just don’t understand.