The Soul of Place

Fred at Fragments ~ from Floyd offers a delightful word meditation on the nature of place and its importance to human legacy. Here is an excerpt from his essay, which I’ve linked to. (Actually, there are many delightful entries on his blog, this being just one.)

I don’t know how the experts draw the distinction of meaning between space and place. But in my thinking, there would be only spaces if I did not exist, and you, and the countless billions who live and have lived and will live in these spaces. There would be no place if there were no names attached or values imposed on and lived within spaces. Places are spaces that have souls– the linking principle between Spirit and matter. We give spaces ensoulment by belonging to them. As we find meaning, gather experience and lay up memory, we make raw spaces into places where life happens through time.

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One Comment on “The Soul of Place”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    God created human beings….that much i know…but why he did…well i dont know…iam searching for the answer ever since i got the question in my mind.Nobody could give me the answer which made me stop thinking about it anymore.So i stop searching for the answer outside….instead started asking myself…then i realised…there is something hiding inside us….maybe we can call it soul…a beautiful gift from God.Man only believe what he can see…so most of us dont even know such thing existing.Body is gift to rince the deeds…soul is the path which we have to travel.If both goes on in right directions….then the destiny is freedom