Not Much, How About You?

Perhaps it’s the pull of the season, with the earlier sunsets and colder nights, but I haven’t felt particularly expressive here in the past few days. There are numerous topics to write about, but when I attempt to create a coherent post, I feel muddled. And since it’s not Thanksgiving yet, I can’t blame it on the tryptophan (the element in turkey that generates sleepiness).

This “muteness” has a purpose. In a world dense with information, the mind is challenged to selectively attend to and sort out what’s relevant. Everywhere, people have something to say: newscasters, columnists, politicians, preachers, friends, family, coworkers, talk show hosts, and so on. Listening is my profession. I do it well, and I love what I do. And yet, there are times when I discover I am so full of other people’s thoughts and words, I can’t find my own. Nor can I find the energy to excavate them.

And so, today I will ponder non-expression. The farmer allows the earth to lie fallow, so that it can be renewed. It is important to tend one’s own soul similarly.

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