Words to Ponder #55

Because the face is so changeable, I’ve chosen several quotes.

She could imagine his expression… anxiety and annoyance chasing each other like the hands of a clock around his wide, flat face.

–Helen Hudson, Meyer Meyer (1967)

Nothing ruins a face so fast as double-dealing. Your face telling one story to the world. Your heart yanking your face to pieces, trying to let the truth be known.

–Jessamyn West, The Life I Really Lived (1979)

Orin was pacing the floor with a face as long as the moral law.

–Kathleen Moore Knight, Akin to Murder (1953)

Her face is closed as a nut,
closed as a careful snail
or a thousand-year-old seed.

–Elizabeth Bishop, “House Guest,” The Complete Poems (1969)

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