Holiday Shopping Tips

There is an article on Yahoo news that I found pretty interesting, in terms of practical advice for holiday shopping. The expert consulted said:

“Our bodies have the capacity to do a little more than we normally do,” says Dr. Scott Bautch, past president of the ACA’s Council on Occupational Health. “But our bodies do not adapt very well to doing a lot more than we normally do. Since the added demands of this season can stress the capacity of our bodies, we need to do everything we can to help ourselves. Eat right, drink plenty of water, stretch, exercise and take a few minutes to slow down and reflect on what the season is all about.”

The rest of the article provides suggestions for “treating holiday shopping as an athletic event,” scheduling breaks, whether to shop with children, and wrapping presents. To wit:

Shopping as a Sport: Stay hydrated; don’t drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks; stretch before and after the shopping trip; wear shoes with lots of cushioning; wear comfy clothing, preferably in layers; use a fanny pack instead of a purse; if you feel pain, rest and apply ice to the sore area.

Planning Frequent Breaks: Take a break every 45 minutes of your shopping day; obtain a locker if the mall offers it; plan trips to your car to store packages if there are no lockers; eat light foods during breaks — salad, fruit; skip coffee and soda, and drink water.

Shopping with Children: don’t! Try to find babysitting or split child duty with a spouse or friend.

Wrapping Gifts: vary your position while wrapping to avoid stress and stiffness; do not wrap while sitting on the floor; stretch before and after wrapping.

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