The Cost of Divorce

With the fact of life that divorce will continue, something constructive for the community good can result.

$15 divorce filing fee added in Williamson County

A $15 Family Protection Fee was added to the cost of a divorce in Williamson County.

County commissioners added the fee to help fight domestic violence and said it will generate about $22,000 each year.

“It allows the commissioners court to assess an additional $15 filing fee for divorces and to put that in a special account called a Family Protection Account. And then distribute those funds to nonprofits in their county that serve victims of family violence and sexual assault,” Theresa Leftwich of the Williamson County Crisis Center said.

Travis County has not implemented this yet. However last year there were 8,495 divorces in the county. This would have generated $127,000 in funds to support community agencies providing family services. I think this would be a reasonable step to take.

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