Words to Ponder #39

A double entry, for your reading pleasure.

She read Dickens in the spirit in which she would have eloped with him.

–Eudora Welty, “Listening,” One Writer’s Beginnings (1984)

Whatever the theologians might say about Heaven being a state of union with God, I knew it consisted of an infinite library; and eternity … was simply what enabled one to read uninterruptedly forever.

–Dervla Murphy, Wheels Within Wheels (1979)

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One Comment on “Words to Ponder #39”

  1. Monica Griffin Says:

    Excellent quotation! Thank you for sharing. Do you happen to know where Ms. Dervla Murphy can receive mail? I would like to write her. I’m currently reading “Full Tilt; Ireland to India with a Bicycle.”

    Thank you,