Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’ve been trying to keep weekends free of writing in this blog, as an attempt to shape my time and create boundaries around my work life.

However, since it’s my blog, I get to break my own rules.

There is a blog I read called What’s Brewing, written by a very intelligent and creative woman who has recently begun to do battle with breast cancer. She is now enduring chemotherapy, and this has raised issue of losing hair. In the post I’m linking to, she explains her position on why she doesn’t want to get a wig, and then tactfully points out that anyone trying to dissuade her “for her sake” might really need to take a look within. It’s such a well-written piece that I couldn’t not link to it! My hope is that anyone who is coping with cancer — either as the patient or a supporter of the patient — will find some strength in the energy that Jennifer exudes.

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