You’re Too Much!

The declaration that “You’re too much!” is a refrain heard by many creative, intense people who engage their interests in life. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of this can tell you how much doubt and shame is generated when these words are uttered. I know a woman who wondered if she was “too much” for any man to ever love her — only sometimes people also called it neediness, even though that’s a matter of perception. For those who might appreciate a different perspective, here is something written by SARK, author of Succulent Wild Woman:

Fear of Being “Too Much”
All my life, I’ve heard that I’m “too much.” Too wild, too loud, too outrageous, too emotional, too sensitive, too needy, too much.

My boyfriend and I have both been called “larger than life.” When I met him, I asked him if he felt “larger than life.” He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes:

“Susan, this is the size Life is. Anyone who tries to make you smaller is just a Lilliputian.”

I knew then that I had found the right man for me. If we don’t fully use who we are, then who are we?

As I age, I see the temptation to laugh a bit less loudly, ask less, “tone down” for the benefit of “others.” Often I don’t even know who these “others” are, but they might be upset, so I comply.

I was actually warned in a restaurant one time for laughing too loudly! The manager came over and said crabbily, “Some of my customers are annoyed by your laughter — why don’t you keep it down?”

I asked who these customers were. He refused to say, so I stood up and said, “Could I see a show of hands of people that are upset by the sound of my laughter?”

I was not laughing very loudly. No one raised their hands, so I said to the manager, “Good. The matter is settled.”

So let’s risk wearing something that’s a bit “too much,” laughing “too much,” and loving “too much.”

Write and tell me if you’ve ever been told you’re too much, and we’ll start a society: we’ll have too much parades! Certainly, we’ll wear hats that are too much, and eat too much chocolate, and then we’ll take too many naps!

Go ahead. It’s okay to breathe, take up space, move, consume, and give. You have the right to be here.

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One Comment on “You’re Too Much!”

  1. Richard Says:

    It is a right, and a privilege. To be here, I mean.